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Path Finder :
(i) Have an intimate knowledge of the locality round her headquarters, including fire and Police Station, General Hospital, Zenana Hospital, Clinics, Welfare Centres, Schools, Post and Telegraph Office, Railway, Bus and Train routes pillar box and public telephone offices, the principal doctors (general & zenana) motor garages and petrol pumps, cycle repairer. (In Country only) the nearest good drinking water supply, the name and the house of the village headman and know what duties he performs. Or (In town only), principal food and provision merchants,
Government Dairies, Tonga and Taxi Stand, Gardens, Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Municipal and Town Hall.

Note : In the above test, a good general knowledge is required which would enable a Guide to direct a stranger to the nearest suitable, hospital, garage etc., In small place her knowledge will have to cover a wider area than that a big town where the post office, etc. would be more frequent.
(ii) Have a general knowledge of the district to be able to direct a stranger to the principal outlying places within a 40 km. radius.
(iii) Have some knowledge of the, history of the place and
may building or place of historical interest.

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