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Hostess :
This may be sewn on the Patrol flag of any
Patrol where at least four guides have passed
the following tests:
Each Guide Should:
(i) Know how to receive, introduce
and bid guest “Good bye”.
(ii) Be able to write a letter :
(a) Inviting a guest to stay.
(b) Inviting a guest to a meal.
(c) Refusing an invitation.
(d) Accepting an invitation.
(e) Thanking for a visit.
128 Aims, Policy, Rules & Organisation Part – III
(iii) State the chief things to remember in entertaining
(iv) Know how to announce guests and serve meals to
visitors correctly.
The patrol should give, a party showing ability to make necessary
plans for invitations, arrangement of rooms, including place for
wraps, entertainment and refreshments.

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