Hikes, Treks and Camps for Scouts

Hikes, Treks and Camps for Scouts

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(1) Periodical hikes, treks and camps for Scouts must be encouraged and arranged.

(2) A Scout who wishes to go on a hike or trek within the District must obtain permission of the District Commissioner through the Scout Master.

(3) For hikes or treks outside District, besides permission of the parent or guardian, permission of the State Commissioner (Scout) through the District Commissioner (S) of the District to which the Scouts belong has to be obtained.

(4) In order to regular proper arrangement for trek or hike ‘permit card’ signed by the Scout Master shall be issued. The concerned District Organising Commissioner shall issue’ permit card’ only to the Scout Master incharge of the Troop and the Scout Master in turn shall issue such ‘ permit card’ to the Patrol Leader.

(5) A Scout shall not hike or trek or camp except with the previous written permission of the parents or guardian, the Scout Master and the concerned District Organising Commissioner.

(6) In order to obtain written permission of the concerned District Organising Commissioner, sufficient intimation in the prescribed form must be given to the District Organising Commissioner to enable him to issue necessary written permission.

(7) A Scout shall not be permitted to camp except under the leadership of a Patrol Leader or a Scout Master qualified and trained for the purpose.

(8) When Scouts propose to camp outside their own District, fourteen days intimation shall be given to the District Organising Commissioner so that District Organising Commissioner of the District in which camp is proposed to be held may be informed to camp in time.

(9) Scouts who propose to camp outside State must first obtain permission of the State Association An application for such permission shall be recommended by concerned District Organising Commissioner, the Assistant State Commissioner or Local/ District Association.

(10) A Scout who goes on camp must fully equip with uniform and camp kit, inclusive of bed and blanket for which he should satisfy the Scout Master.

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