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(1) Undertake a regular hike of 160 km. (100 miles) or 4 hikes of 40 km. (25miles) each over a different route and submit a report of the hike. Hike may be taken either on foot or on bicycle. At least half distance, shall however, be done on foot.Scout Proficiency Badges 133
(2) Know (a) how to protect feet while marching. (b) how to safeguard against blister, (c) how to treat blisters, if
they appear, (d) the kinds of footwear best suited for hikes, (e) what to do in case of getting wet.
(3) Know ordinary medicines, required while hiking, their doses and application.
(4) Know how to pack things for carrying them on one’s shoulders.
(5) Make an article of hiking kit such as a tent, a sleeping bag, campfire blanket, rucksack or a bag or other container in which to pack daily food or toilet necessaries etc.

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