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Hiker :
(i) Build and give reasons for so building, three different types of hike fires, and be able to distinguish between various kinds of woods, their relative value as fire wood.
(ii) Show proficiency in cooking in the open with and without utensils and draw two hike menu.
(iii) Bring to the examination a pocket first aid case fitted up by herself for a hiking expedition, and be able to give reasons for the choice of its contents.
(iv) Bring to the examination a log book giving description of previous hikes, illustrated by sketch maps and with notes on observations made.
(v) Know what precautions to take lighting fires in the open and the responsibilities involved with regard to trespassing gates, crops.
(vi) Be able to answer questions to deal with following on the way; a stranger, a lost child, animal in difficulties or starving.
(vii) Know what to do in the event of being-
(a) Left in a fog.
(b) Caught in a thunderstorm.
(c) Left in the neighbourhood of jungle.
(d) left in forest fires.
(viii) Undertake a regular hike of 20 km. on foot or 50 km. on bicycle and submit a report.
Note : The candidate will also be judged left on her method, her kit
and its arrangement, and care in cleaning up. The hike party in which
the Guide (Guides) are being examined should not be large than one
patrol. The examiner should be a qualified person appointed by the

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