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Heritage :
Ranger : Prepare a Log Book of knowledge and information on :
(i) Physical Environment of India (famous hills, rivers etc.) Common trees, Common plants and their uses, Common birds, Rare flora and fauna of the region. Seasons and festivals, meaning and significance. Their family and festivals, traditions. Related festivals, seasons, songs in local languages and poems.
(ii) Have a basic knowledge of Indian Art, Cultural and Heritage.
(iii) Arts of India and the World. Famous Architectural style and sculptures Places of Worship, Music, Dances, Theatre forms, Literature and famous writers and poets.
(iv) Practical work (Optional-any four).
(a) Educate 5 people in her locality on Indian art, culture, religion and social development and it’s
impact on foreign countries.
(b) Know about the Govt. Departments and other Non-Govt. Agencies, which are working to maintain and restore art, archaeological ruins monuments and prepare a brief report on the same.
(c) Organize at least one competition/exhibitions/ quiz programme on topics relating to cultural heritage.
(d) Identify major areas inhabited by wild animals in the country & prepare a write up.
(e) Adopt any archaeological site or monument and look after it for a period of two months to contribute to keep its upkeep, and submit a report.
(f) Learn & serve as guide to the monuments for local school and community and take atleast one group to any such place.

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