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Heritage :
The focus at this level is on the state in which the Guide is living; and gaining a national perspective on the diverse richness of India’s heritage. Preparing a scrap book with illustrations and information on the following :
I. Nature Heritage and Culture Collecting songs, poems, riddles, proverbs, short stories about their state and its natural heritage and the culture unique to the State and Country.
– Seasons and festivals, meaning and significance.
– Different communities and tribes that live in that state.
– Physical environment to their locality (famous hills, rivers etc.)
– common trees of their state.
– Common plants and their uses.
– Common birds.
– Flora and fauna of the region.

II. Art of India and their State Important heritage buildings Places of worship Music Musical instruments Dances Theatre forms Puppetry Literature and famous writes, poets of their town, Food, Costumes then and now.

III. Practical work

(a) Visiting monuments museum in the vicinity and maintain a record of it.
(b) Maintaining an illustrated historical diary of their town or village (any 3 of the following).
(i) Preparing a list of museums, art galleries and cultural centres in your district/town.
(ii) Visiting monuments and sites in the neighbourhood and identify problems and issue for preservation.
(iii) adopting a site in their own locality monument or unique natural feature such as religious place, a lake or temple and looking after if for a period of one month and contribute to keep it clean.
(iv) Learn to serve as a guide to the monuments for local school and community.
(v) Knowing about the Govt. Department and other Non-Govt. agencies, which are involved in the maintenance and restoration of Indian culture, a art and buildings.

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