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(1) Basic concept of forest, its extent in India and importance of the forest in present contest.
(2) Know from practical observations how to rear seedling including preparation of soil nursery beds, polybags, etc. and time of transplant and right season for trimming and felling. Scout Proficiency Badges 125
(3) Know, generally, how a tree lives and produces, how to deal with wounds and have a knowledge of agencies which cause them.
(4) Have knowledge of growth and development of twelve different species of trees in the locality and be able to recognize them at a distance, at any season of year, as well as by the bark, leaf, flower and fruit and know their chief respective uses in fuel, fodder, fruit, medicine, timber and other uses.
(5) Have a knowledge of forest fire, its causes and remedy.
(6) Maintenance of raised plantation from beginning to one year.
(7) Basic knowledge of social forestry, farm forestry, Road side plantation, avenue plantation and knowledge of ten species used in social forestry work.
(8) Practical knowledge of erosion, its causes and measures to check soil erosion.
(9) Calculate amount of useful timber in a given tree.

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