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(1) The danger of inflammable household articles such as oil lamps, spirit stoves, flannelette, festival decorations, cotton, wool,ncelluloid and of the focusing of the sun’s rays.
(2) How to trace an escape of gas and know the danger of faulty electric insulation.
(3) First step to take on an outbreak of fire, methods of calling the Fire Brigade and Ambulance, position of nearest alarms to home and headquarters and what to do pending arrival.
(4) How to use two common types of extinguishers, buckets and bucket-chains.
(5) How to deal with following types of fires, clothes, petrol and spirit, chimney, motor car, curtain, electric hearth, grass and rick fires.
(6) Use of sacrum to keep back crowd, carrying of the injured, improvising, ropes, chairman knot, lowering by lines, jumping sheet, crawling through smoke. How to drag insensible persons, prevent panic and rescue cattle.
(7) If possible use of hose, hydrants, escape chutes wherever specialized instructions are available. 124 Aims, Policy, Rules & Organisation Part – II In the case of village Scouts the test which to not apply should be ignored, with the permission of the D.C.

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