Extension Scouting

Extension Scouting

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1. A Scout of the extension branch is one who suffers from physical or mental handicap such as blindness, physical deformity or mental deficiency.

2. A handicapped person is eligible to become a Scout. The rule applicable to a Scout with such modification as may be necessary and special rules laid down from time to time in Appendix shall apply to such an extension Scout.

3. Group of extension Scouts may be formed in a hospital, institution, colony or school; an extension Scout may also become a member of a regular Scout Group; a Group of extension Scout shall function under the jurisdiction of Local or District Association as the case may be.

4. An extension Scout shall pass tests prescribed for a Scout except those from which he is exempted in view of his handicap, in such case, he shall pass the alternate test or tests prescribed for an extension Scout. (Explanation: The word ‘Scout’ shall include a ‘Cub’ as well as ‘Rover’)

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