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The theme of entertainment programme must be on a subject relevant to the needs of the community e.g.:
(i) Birth Control
(ii) Anti Dowry
(iii) National Integration
(iv) Conservation
(v) Nutrition
(vi) Sanitation etc.
(1) Entertain by himself, for at least 10 minutes, with a varied programme for the following: Recitation, songs, conjuring tricks, character sketches, stories, ventriloquism, stum speeches, step dancing, playing the banjo, penny whistle, mouth organ, flute, veena or shahanai etc. or rehearse and present a play for his patrol lasting not less than 20 minutes or be judges by his performance in a play or Group show atleast at four places spread over a period of three months.
(2) The performance in each of these cases shall have taken place before a mixed audience.

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