Desert Folk

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Desert Folk:
Have knowledge of the following:
(1) “Life in desert” Through his own study and observation of life in desert know the following.
(i) Geographical situations land, river, climate etc.
(ii) How people live.
(iii) Standard and way of life, costumes normally worn, food habits etc.
(iv) Normal habits of the people, special customs, traditions, religion, superstitions and taboos.
(v) General problems of people created by nature and ways of solving them.

Submit reports of three hikes undertaken for the study of above. Report should cover an area of 15sq miles (24sq. kms) all round his village or town and should include report regarding village, place of habitation, routes, place of water, oasis and camping sites in the area.
(2) Nature study :
(i) Should know and collect common proverbs and sayings for forecasting weather, and prepare a log of his own observations based on these sayings.
(ii) Find out velocity of wind.
(3) Water and irrigation.
(i) know methods of irrigation, methods of cleaning water and know danger of using polluted water. Know assistance given by the Government for removal of water scarcity.
(ii) Know principal crops and cereals of the area: the canal or dam used for irrigation and ways to conceive water in field.
iii) Handicraft : Should prepare a piece of rope out of natural material available in the area or weave a cot or prepare a model out of natural material available in the area or prepare a thatching with natural material found in the
area and show its use.
(4) Hikes
(i) Through hikes undertaken, obtain knowledge of special natural phenomena of desert areas viz: mirage, Bhanwari (land slide) etc.
(ii) Perform service of at least 51 hours in antilocust campaign or any other kind of approved social service.

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