Group I : Character

Group I : Character

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1. Collector
Make a collection of one group of objects, neatly and systematically arranged for a period of at least three months and know something about them. Nature of the collection should be chosen by the Cub.Suggestions are as follows.
Stamps, postmarks, picture postcards, matchbox, top crest, coins, feathers, moths, butterflies, leaves or flowers (for the purpose of the last two, photographer or carbon reproductions may be accepted). Minimum number of articles to be collected in a group shall be 25. OR Keep a Scrap book, diary of events etc, for a period of at least three months.

2. Gardener :
(i) Take care of a plot of ground not less than 1.50 sq. metres for a minimum period of three months and grow at least three kinds of vegetables or flowers on it.
(ii) Be able to name, not less than four of each of the following in any area or garden:-
(a) Trees or Shrubs.
(b) Flowers or vegetables.
(c) Standing crops and name four common weeds and be able to use the following tools:- spade, fork, shovel, rake or equivalent local implements.

(iii) Make a scrap book of not less than six pages of pressed leaves. Flowers or vegetables. A minimum of twelve subjects to be shown.
Note : In case of Packs in towns, where gardens are not available following alternatives can be taken in place of No. (i) & (ii).
(i) Care for a window – box for three months. Care for two or more perennial plants in pots for three months.
(ii) Grow two of the following:
(a) bulb (flower or vegetable) in water, sand or soil.
(b) Mustards, cress, peas, melon or beans on flannel or blotting paper.

3. Observer
(i) Either have observed appearance and have some knowledge of habits of either five Indian animals, or five Indian   birds and be able to recognize them from life, or know names and appearance of either ten flowers .or ten Indian
trees or shrubs and know what common plants are poisonous to animals and human beings.
(ii) Know seasons at which different kinds of fruits and vegetables can be obtained in the locality and when main crops harvested.
(iii) Find his way to an unknown spot, not more than 300 metres away by following direction given to him by Examiner (either compass directions or signs made on ground or landmarks or combination of these).
(iv) Be able to play a memory game remembering 12 objects out of 16.
Note : It is preferable to select variations of the game which are not used in Scout Troop.

4. Entertainer
Be able to do any three of the following.
(i.) Play a piece of simple music correctly on instrument or sing a piece of simple music in a correct manner.
(ii.) Be able to take part in the performance of a skit.
(iii.) Be able to recite an action song with appropriate action and movement.
(iv.) Dress up and play a part in a depicted story or historical event.

5. Story Teller
(i) Tell one story in an effective manner to others.
(ii) To know a story out of ‘Panchtantra’ or ‘Jatak Katha’ and tell to the cub master.
(iii) To collect a story from the news paper in your regional language and tell to the members of your Six.
(iv) To narrate an incident out of the life History of a Historical Hero or prophet of your state.

6. Free Being Me

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