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(1) Drive in screw up to 38 mm.(1.5 inch.) without damage to wood or screw.
(2) Nail on a packing case lid correctly, using 38mm. (1.5 inch.) nails, or make a box.
(3) Make a saw cut lengthwise with an ordinary saw 25mm.(1 inch) board.60 cm. (2 feet) long, the cut not to deviate from the line more than 1/33 mm. (1/16th or an inch)
(4) Sharpen a chisel and plane bit make a housing tenon and mortine and halved joint.
(5) Either dovetail, two pieces of wood together not less than five dovetails, or make a properly framed stool, chair or other piece of framed furniture.
(6) Have a basic knowledge of woods in local use and know nature and common use of each.
(7) Help the head of your institution in repairing school furniture or of any other institution.

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