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(1) Know general means of transportation used in the desert areas.
(2) Have general knowledge about a camel – the Ship of the Desert, its types and breeds, characteristics of a good camel, its habits and nature, food and water, gait and speed, winter madness and how to protect from it, differences
between saddle, frame, and Dol and know how to saddle a camel, know common diseases for camel and how to apply first aid to those. Know how to decorate a camel (with gorbound, jhula etc.)
(3) Hike: Know tradition attached to journeys on camel back in night or during the day.
(i) Know how to find time and direction with help of stars.
(ii) Know rule of journey on foot in deserts and how to protect against sunstroke and thirst.
(iii) Undertake journey of an aggregate of (48 km.,/30 miles) on camel back with one friend. 110 Aims, Policy, Rules & Organisation Part – II Every journey should be at least 16km. (10 miles) During these journeys, must have studied the general life of people in the desert and habits of camel and submit a log of his observation. During these journeys one must have spent at least two nights at some oasis or a village in desert.
(iv) Life of the people : Either sing a common folk song of camel man or play an Algoje or take part in any folk dance of desert area.

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