Bird Warden

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Bird Warden:
(1) Prepare charts, pictures of threatened species of birds in his district and arrange a display in
his village / mohalla.
(2) Be able to construct three types of nest boxes for different species 108 Aims, Policy, Rules & Organisation Part – II of birds and show how they should be used to the best advantage.
(3) Have fed birds in his district for at least three months by means of food houses, food tables or food sticks.
(4) Produce a notebook and be familiar with habits, calls and appearance (plumage, size etc.) of seven varieties of birds in his district.
(5) Have kept a record of one bird (other than national bird) and its nest for at least three months or rear atleast five pigeons or any other bird for three months and report to the Scout Master or pay visit to the nearest National park and report to the ScoutMaster. Name of the bird, date when first seen or heard, date of finding nest, kinds of tree or bush or tussock, height, above the ground, number of eggs or young, date of leaving nest, remarks on the items of record.

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