Tests for Tritiya Sopan

Tests for Tritiya Sopan

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Tests for Tritiya Sopan :
(a) Tie & know the use of the following: Fireman’s chair knot, Man Harness knot, Bowline on a Bight, Draw Hitch.
(b) Tie & demonstrate the use of the Diagonal Lashing.
(c) Use another method of whipping other than the one used in Pratham Sopan.
(d) Make a flag mast of at least three staves with your patrol and demonstrate for Flag Break.
(e) Make a temporary shelter for yourself.
(f) Know any one method of Splicing: Eye/Back/ Short.


(i) Swimming :
(a) Swim fifty metres.
(b) Know the safety rules of swimming.
(c) Know how to deal with cramps.

(ii) Earn any one of the following Proficiency Badges:
(a) Athlete (b) Climber (c) Games leader.
(d) Gymnast (e) Hiker (f) Yoga (g) Cyclist
(3) Estimation : Be able to estimate height, depth, width, numbers & weight using recognized methods of estimation.

(4) First Aid :
(a) Know how to deal with emergency situations such as Drowning, Electric Shock, General Shock, Automobile Accidents and Human Being caught in fire.
(b) Treat for Choking.
(c) Deal with simple fracture of collar bone, Upper arm, Forearm, Hip & Lower leg.
(d) Treat for Heat Stroke and Sun Stroke
(e) Demonstrate CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation).
(f) Place an unconscious victim in the Recovery position.
(g) Transportation of victim – One Rescuer & Two Rescuers.
(5) Mapping : Be able to access a GPS Map & use it to follow a given route.
Draw a map of the area using a Triangulation method with the help of compass or Plane Table method.
Sketch a map of the route undertaken for at least four kms by using Road Traverse method or Gilwell sketch.
(6) Talk : During the company meeting, give a talk for about five minutes on any one of the following subjects:
(a) National Integration,
(b) Child Abuse, Child Education, Child Health, Child Social Security & Child Labour.
(c) Substance Abuse.
(d) Your future Guide Training.
(e) Gender Equality.
(f) Free Being Me.

(7) Out of Doors :
(a) Plan an overnight Patrol camp.
(b) Undertake a day hike of ten kms on foot with Patrol/Company members. Prepare meals & Tea
for the patrol. Make a report & submit it within
a week after the hike is over. The hike route is to
be given by the examiner.
(c) Participate in a Night Game.

(8) Cooking :
Cook food for your patrol by using Backwoodsman method.

(9) Signalling :
Learn Morse Signalling and be able to send and receive simple messages of ten words.

(10) Qualify for any two Proficiency Badges. One from each group (not earned earlier).

Group – A : (i) Civil Defence (ii) Community Worker (iii) Ecologist (iv) Pioneer (v) Safety knowledge (vi) Self Defence (vii) World Conservation.

Group – B : (i) Aids Awareness (ii) Book Binder (iii) Citizen (iv) Computer Awareness (v) Drug Awareness (vi) Healthy Women (vii) Hostess (viii) Naturalist (ix) Path Finder

a) Knowledge of Guiding in India & WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts)
b) Know and understand the safety measures while using ATM Card and Mobile Phone. or Use basic electrical/electronic devices and assemble a useful gadget at home under the supervision of a trained adult.

(12) Fire : Complete any three of the following:
a) Safety precautions regarding fire.
b) Demonstrate Bucket Chain method to put off fire
c) How to tackle dry grass fire
d) Types of fire extinguisher and use thereof.
(13) Service :
Know and understand the disease tuberculosesits symptoms, treatment and precautionary measures for preventing the disease, knowledge about Directly Observed Treatments (DOTS). (14) Serve as a Dwitiya Sopan Guide for at least six months.

In addition to Tritiya Sopan tests given above, a Sea Guide will :
(i) Swim thirty meters.
(ii) Learn to dive.
(iii) Have knowledge of different types of boats oars and sails and anchors.
(iv) Learn Signalling by Semaphore Method.
(v) Know any three constellations to find Directions.

In additions to Tritiya Sopan tests given above, an Air guide will have to qualify for following :
(i) Know the history of flying.
(ii) know the theory of Flight.
(iii) Know about the Flight safety procedures.
(iv) Have in general knowledge about Civil Aviation National and International Airways/Lines.
Note :
(i) On the successful completion of the tests for Tritiya Sopan Badge to the satisfaction of independent examiners arranged by the Training Counsellors and appointed by the Badge Committee of the Local or District Association as the case may be, on the basis of the certificate issued by the examiners, the Guide shall be issued the Tritiya Sopan Badge.
(ii) The Tritiya Sopan Badge consists of the Emblem of the Bharat Scouts and Guides and scroll as for Dwitiya Sopan Badge surrounded by a laurel.
(iii) The Tritiya Sopan Badge shall be worn on the left sleeve in the place of Dwitiya Sopan Badge.
(iv) A Tritiya Sopan Guide will work at least nine months to qualify Rajya Puraskar.

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